Cherry Optical, Inc History

Cherry Optical Inc’s founders, Joe & Lynn Cherry, started their careers forty years ago doing simple processing at an optical laboratory in Wisconsin. By the time they left, Joe was President of one of the largest optical laboratories in the nation and Lynn was a finish production manager.

Cherry Optical, Inc was born in a moment Joe calls “an awakening.” Joe and Lynn envisioned starting an innovative, service-driven and fiercely-competitive Independent laboratory. Joe likes to tell people, “The second hardest thing I’ve done in my life was telling my wife I planned to quit my job, create my own laboratory and work for myself. The most difficult thing I’ve done in my life was asking my wife to quit her job and work with me.”

The Cherry’s took a leap of faith together and opened Cherry Optical, Inc in 1999 with a business model that excluded the possibility of failure. The company started with two employees and two edgers and grew into a leading independent optical laboratory through integrity, superior-quality products and a focus on continued education.

Located in Green Bay, WI, Cherry Optical, Inc now serves eye care professionals and their patients throughout the United States and beyond.

About Cherry Optical, Inc

Cherry Optical, Inc is an Independent wholesale laboratory with a team of 50+ employees, 24-hour production Monday through Friday and an on-site anti-reflective coating facility.

As an Independently-owned optical laboratory, we give eye care professionals the autonomy to choose the lens brands, materials, styles and coatings that best fit the individual needs of patients. Through our proximity to and part-ownership of a local lens distribution warehouse, Cherry maintains the largest and most diverse lens inventory in the world.

Cherry Optical, Inc has been named IDD Laboratory of the Year three times – (2010, 2012, & 2017) and presented the Varilux Award of Excellence three years in a row (2015, 2016 & 2017) – by consistently leading with innovation. We’ve worked hard to stay at the front of a changing technological landscape. From being one of the first to produce and distribute superior Trivex & Tribrid lens material to now being 100% digital, 100% milling and the only laboratory to offer a Truly Unlimited Warranty Policy; we have clearly staked our claim as a market leader.

There may be larger optical labs, but the technology and capability at Cherry Optical, Inc ensure no one is better than us.

Cherry Optical Inc’s Culture

One Machine can do the work of fifty ordinary men. No machine can do the work of one extraordinary man ~ Elbert (Geren) Hubbard

At Cherry Optical, Inc we know our growth as a company depends on our collective family of employees and the culture surrounding them. We believe happy people create the best optics. Because of that, we strive to:

Support employees both in and outside of work

We take family very seriously at Cherry Optical, Inc. That applies to our individual families and how we relate to each other at the lab. If employees respect their company and coworkers, they’re going to do better work.

Create a work environment welcoming of questions, ideas, and fun

Before welcoming our office dog Pause, we created an “open door” culture by literally removing all of our offices’ doors. This policy helped our employees quickly become comfortable with approaching management with ideas and concerns. Today, our lab remains a relaxed environment with open communication. Our customer service center is free of cubicles to encourage collaboration. This environment also makes it easy to have fun on the job but make no mistake; we take our optics very seriously.

Sustain our employees with competitive pay, benefits and continued education

Optical lens manufacturing does not require opticians and certainly not ABO (American Board of Opticianry) Certified opticians, but Cherry Optical, Inc does. We pay for all of the expenses associated with the test for all employees. Also, through free admission to Cherry’s “What’s New University”, our employees and customers receive the credits needed to maintain certification.

Lynn Cherry

Lynn Cherry

Vice President

Years with the Cherry Optical, Inc: 18
Job-Related Certifications: ABO (American Board of Opticianry) Certified
What does your role within the company entail? I oversee the production area.
How did your career in the optical industry begin? I answered an ad in the paper for a delivery position at an optical company in Marinette. I eventually became an optician, met Joe and co-founded Cherry Optical, Inc.

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Adam Cherry


Years with Cherry Optical, Inc: 16
Job-Related Certifications: ABO (American Board of Opticianry)
What is your current role in the company? I am involved in all aspects of business operations. Including marketing, sales, hiring and researching different technologies, equipment, and products. I am very accessible and work alongside our employees in all of the tasks we do.

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Joe Cherry

Vice President

Years with Cherry Optical, Inc: 18
Job-Related Certifications: US Navy Opticianry Certified 1978, Optical Laboratories Associates Quality Control Certified 1980.
What is your current role in the company? As a co- founder of Cherry Optical, Inc and be involved in the industry for over 40 years, I am now at a point where I am passing my experiences and responsibilities on to Adam, Lynn, and our management team.

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18 Years in Business
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Hour Production


% Digital Freeform Production


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And Counting...ABO Certified Opticians


Office Dog Named Pause