2015 August

Rebate Offer for New & Existing Customers

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Sign up by September 30th!

Cherry Optical, Inc is offering a rebate program for New & Existing Customers. New Customers can earn up to $2,500 and Existing Customers are able to earn up to $3,000 in rebates! For more information reach out to your Sales Representative or contact Customer Service (920) 469-2559.



Tinting at Cherry Optical, Inc – Pt. 2

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Cherry Optical, Inc offers a broad spectrum of colors for your patients. You dream it we can produce it! Whether you’re looking for a gradient or a solid, the colors don’t change. We have a chart with all of our tint colors numbered (above), so when you need a tint added to an order you can just select the corresponding number of the tint you need. A basic tint sample of ten colors is also available for no extra charge if needed at your clinic, just request this with one of our great customer service representatives and we will send one as soon as possible for you.

Cherry Optical, Inc also offers a wide range of specialty tints and colors. All “shooter” colors, which normally are orange, yellow, and pink, are available. We also have the ability to tint lenses to help in the aid of golfing and fishing as well. Some therapeutic colors are also available to help aid headaches. Colors are not just for fashion anymore and we can offer them all!


What’s New Questionnaire- August’s Answers & Winners

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What’s New Survey-Questionnaire August 2015 ANSWERS

We’d like to take a moment to thank all of you who participated. We’re excited to see these Questionnaires are catching on; this month we gained an additional 50 participants and couldn’t be happier with the results. Which means, you all really know your stuff!

If you happen to hear a question at the office that you think would benefit other practices, please contact us with your suggestions using the link below. The network we share is a great place to inform others and grow our own knowledge base. Thank you for being a part of our team.

Contact Us Here!

This Month’s Winners:

Michelle Julius – Optivision Eye Care

Dawn – Visioncare Associates

Joy Farnsworth – Community Eyecare, Inc

What’s New Questionnaire

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What’s New Survey-Questionnaire August 2015

Test Your Knowledge and Get Rewarded

Please take the time to fill out the following information and answer a few short questions. All perfect scores will be entered into a drawing at the end of each month for a $50 gift card. Three names will be drawn every month. Feel free to photocopy this sheet (the link in red above) for each staff member that would like to participate. You only have 48hours to fax this back! Once complete, please fax back to (920) 569-2309 as it MUST BE RETURNED BEFORE: 9AM on WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 19th.

This Questionnaire is intended for current Cherry Optical, Inc customers. Thank you for your time and good luck!

Gearing Up for Another “What’s New Questionnaire” Be on the Lookout!

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Coming Soon!

We just want to let you know we’ll be sending out another “What’s New Questionnaire” next week! Stay tuned to test your knowledge and earn a  chance at a $50 gift card.

Any reoccuring questions coming up at your office? Submit them here: Contact Us. Chances are your input will help someone else find the answer as well. Thank you in advance for your participation!



Cherry Optical, Inc Wants You to be Social

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If you haven’t changed your marketing initiatives to focus strongly on social media and the “internet of things” then you’re missing the mark. Don’t be afraid, we are here to help. Cherry Optical, Inc has had a very positive relationship with Samantha Toth and Innereactive Media. Sam’s team has developed a series of web and social media marketing tools dubbed; Innexus. Innexus packages range from website design all the way to Innexus PRO, which is an awesome suite of services that is sure to create results.

Cherry Optical, Inc strongly encourage you to consider Innereactive Media’s Innexus packages. We feel so strongly about the benefits of Innexus that we offer a number of different Co-Op programs that can provide up to $300/month or more in rebates. Already have Innexus? No problem!  You can upgrade services at any time and/or join Cherry Optical, Inc’s Co-Op program at any time. For more information check out www.getinnexus.com/cherry or call (888) 963-8894.

Tinting at Cherry Optical, Inc – Pt. 1

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At Cherry Optical, Inc we have a wide range of lens options available for your patients when it comes to tinting. We are able to tint practically any material you order, but keep in mind some materials are not practical in every situation. Here are some tips that may help you convey the message when deciding what option to use on your order. If you have any questions regarding this topic, feel free to contact us directly at (920) 469-2559.

If a patient would like a dark tint of any sort, be it solid or gradient, it is best to order a Trivex or plastic (CR-39) material. These materials readily absorb tints very well and the darkest tints can be achieved with these products. When dealing with High Index or Polycarbonate lens materials, however, tints should be limited to medium and/or light fashion tinting due to their hardcoat making them less absorbent.

Cherry Optical, Inc also has the ability to tint over polarized lenses, either to make them darker or to add a gradient tint over the top. Our suggestion on these special orders would be to start your order with a Grey A lens, no matter what color you are trying to achieve. It is possible to add color but not change the existing color of the polarized lens.

“What’s New Monthly” August 2015 Newsletter

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What's New August 2015_Page_1What's New August 2015_Page_2

Click the following link in Red to Download a Printable Interactive PDF of “What’s New Monthly”: 

What’s New Monthly August 2015

This Month’s Issue of What’s New Monthly Topics:

* Cherry Optical, Inc Visits SCHNEIDER Optical Machines in Germany
* Renovation Update: Almost Complete – Ready for More!
* When Patient’s Don’t Care to Hear [See] It
* We Remember TRIVEX Before it was Famous
* ScopeAid – Set Aim on Improved Rifle Optics
* Another Way to Explain AR to Patients
* Find Us Around the Web
* Sandals are for Comfort – Sunglasses are for Protection
* Blue Light Blocking – Block at the Source?