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Case of the Mondays

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Those days. The Mondays. Perhaps even Tuesdays or Wednesdays, surely, not Fridays, but hey, sometimes! We can’t always be sure when stress from our personal lives or our work environment will affect our workday. These moods do not always stem from outside interference; sometimes the source is work itself. A shift full of frustration with a task or project can not only impede performance, but it also affects our relationships with our co-workers. Attitude is everything; it can make or break a day, and that’s why it is good to realize and assess the emotions you are feeling and turn them around internally. As cliché as it may sound, our emotions carry weight and vibration, and there is truth behind the belief that everything is energy. The energy you share affects others.

Observing Groups In & Out of the Workplace

I’ve noticed that in groups, people either act on positive or negative energies as a whole. This observation is not merely some form of mysticism but is based on various forms of psychology, sociology, and science. People will either be drawn in or repelled by this energy. A positive accomplishment can lift the general outlook of the entire group and create a pay-it-forward type of mentality. The positivity of the group will, therefore, support the team as a whole including its ideas, accomplishments, and growth. On the other side of the spectrum; a negative attitude also spreads, but in most cases, it’s more like an infection from one group to another. Eventually, the negative reactions and thoughts overwhelm the positives. This breakdown, in turn, destroys and isolates the infected individuals within the collective group.

Negative energy in the workplace can have an effect not only on yourself but that of the morale, camaraderie, and productivity of the workplace. If you think about it, the workweek makes up a large percentage of our time. Therefore, why not try to create an environment in which positive energy is in a perpetual motion allowing it to come back to you?

Keep-Calm-And-Focus-OnKeep Calm

Often we tend to carry our troubles with us, and as difficult as it is to leave them at the door, we need to learn to let go. These people we’re surrounded by are not only our co-workers but our friends, and they come with their anxieties and joys. It’s simply toxic to dwell on fears and problems that we cannot deal with at the time. The task of turning it around can be as simple as distracting yourself from yourself. Besides, you should be focusing on your work, right? 😉

Zen Out

I center myself by letting these negative thoughts pass through my conscious mind and taking a few deep cleansing breaths. It’s like taking a glass of water from the river. At first, it may be swirling and diluted but given a little time it will settle, and you will find clarity. If that doesn’t work compliment a fellow co-worker. Heck, give a high five! Laugh a little; this will instantly change the energy as it will be tangible. And laughter is the best medicine, right?

Lastly, try to put it into focus by concentrating on something good. Treat yourself, be kind to yourself and in turn, you will thank yourself. Set personal and group goals, work towards a vacation or buy something thoughtful for someone. Not only will you be happier, but it will perpetuate a reciprocal positive work environment. Find a way to find your Zen.

Peace and prosperity to you! – Dave P.



What’s New Questionnaire (WNQ) – July Answer Key

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Congratulations to:

Karen Sobush – Main Optical
Shannon Hofmann – Insight Eye Care
Sue Laskowski – Bay Care Oconto Falls

The network we share is a great place to inform others and grow our own knowledge base. If you happen to hear a question at your office that you think would benefit other practices, please contact us with your suggestions using the link below. Thank you for being a part of our team.

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What’s New Questionnaire (WNQ) – July

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Our July WNQ is here and ready for you to complete!What's New Questionnaire July 2016

Click here for July’s WNQ!

Once completed, please fax back to (920) 569-2309 as it MUST BE RETURNED BEFORE NOON on WEDNESDAY, July 20th.

All perfect scores will be entered into a drawing for a $50 gift card. We will announce three lucky winners on Wednesday!

Thank you for your time and good luck!

This Questionnaire is intended for current Cherry Optical, Inc customers.

Zeiss Trial Program: Free Zeiss Individual Lenses

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Order a ZEISS Individual® 2 progressive or ZEISS Individual SV lenses with AR, and full cost of the order will be credited to you.*

Cherry Optical, Inc and ZEISS Vision Care are excited to announce the details on a wearer trial program. We have had great success and learned a lot through these test programs and are anticipating great results with ZEISS. The ZEISS trial program will allow all those selected to try a ZEISS Individual 2 or ZEISS Individual SV lens in a non-polarized material with anti-reflective treatment.

*The program is pretty simple; place your personal order referencing the trial program and you’ll receive your lenses with a survey. Wear them for a handful of days and then complete the survey within two weeks to receive the credit against your order for the entire cost. Ding!

ZEISS, a technology leader in the optical industry, has a long history in optical. The ZEISS brand gets favorable reviews in the consumer optics category and we feel confident that you’ll be pleased with the performance of the customized lenses.

Thank you for considering your participation in our trial offer.

Please note, this trial offer is intended for our Eye Care Professionals, not patients.

Cherry Optical, Inc proudly manufactures the entire portfolio of Zeiss Individual freeform designs on-site. Cherry Optical, Inc is committed to delivering a product that will work for a lifetime and your feedback helps us attain those goals.

Read Adam’s Post on his i-Scription Experience.Zeiss Trial-01

True Freedom

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We, like most other businesses, shut our doors this past holiday, as we do other holidays, but the Fourth of July holds a significance unshared by any other – independence.  Independence, true freedom, is the foundation of America and those who build upon that foundation find the strength and perseverance to overcome obstacles. By overcoming many obstacles, the Cherry’s successfully created Cherry Optical, Inc.

Humble Beginnings

Unsatisfied with the path they were on and turned off by the limitations of previous employers, the Cherry’s envisioned starting an innovative, service-driven and fiercely-competitive Independent laboratory, and that’s exactly what they did. In a moment Joe calls “an awakening,” he and Lynn took a leap of faith together and opened in 1999 with a business model that excluded the possibility of failure. The company started with two employees and two edgers and grew into a leading independent optical laboratory through open communication, integrity, superior-quality products and a focus on continued education. These are the same qualities we rely on today.

Declaration of Independence

As an independently-owned, wholesale laboratory, our job is to offer an unbiased view of what’s going on in the marketplace and to share this information in a manner that is easily communicated from eye care professionals onto their patients. Standing behind only our products was no longer enough for Adam, he had the vision to provide our customers with even more assistance. As a direct result, we have updated our Truly Unlimited Warranty to help our eye care professionals persevere without interference.

How can we make a no fault warranty better you might ask? That’s simple – by increasing the ECP’s ability to assist patients, growing their business and giving them true freedom. We guarantee our partners will benefit when they no longer have to tell their patients “No.” In turn, patients receive the personalized care they both deserve and expect without hassle. “We believe in the future of Independent eye care, and we are here to support those that support us in all ways we can.” Adam Cherry – Owner & President of Cherry Optical, Inc

Learn more about the expansion of our Truly Unlimited Warranty Policy and what it means for you here.

Cherry Optical, Inc Expands Truly Unlimited Warranty Policy

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In 2014 Cherry Optical, Inc became the first wholesale optical laboratory to offer a Truly Unlimited Warranty Policy. This new policy was designed to simplify handling of lens replacements and ensure our Independent eye care customers have the tools they need to deliver the outstanding service their patients expect. We are pleased to report the policy has been a total success. Furthermore, we are expanding the offering to make sure we are fully supporting those that support us.

There is no doubt that the times, they are changing. Vision insurance plans continue to slash their way through Independent eye care. These “vision insurance companies” are bringing in immense profits for themselves while many privately owned eye care businesses struggle to make heads-or-tails of all the convoluted plans. Recently, major vision plans have joined forces with large corporate optical laboratories to produce greater profits for themselves by further controlling pricing, manufacturing, and distribution. This evolution has created policy changes that are detrimental to Independent eye care by shortening warranty time-frames and reducing the number of replacements for patients with these vision plans. The support, quality and service levels provided by vision plan contract laboratories do not always match-up to what Cherry Optical, Inc customers are accustomed to. These can be major issues as “insured patients” will place the blame on you; the provider, not the vision plan when a product is not delivered or does not perform as promised.

It is with this in mind that Cherry Optical, Inc is expanding our exclusive Truly Unlimited Warranty Policy to include lenses made by other laboratories, when needed; including vision plan laboratories. Consider us your bail-out or problem-solver when you’re just trying to help your patient. No longer will you have to tell a patient, “No” when a vision plan limits your ability to satisfy their expectations. No longer will you be restricted by time, frequency or reason.

If you feel a replacement is needed, Cherry Optical, Inc trusts your professional judgment and will replace lenses at no charge; no questions asked, no matter who initially made the lenses. Simply let us know the order was originally ordered through a different laboratory and we’ll do the rest.

There is certainly nothing wrong with success and profits, but we feel that growing together through mutual support and understanding is the best way to grow. While vision plan providers have their hands in your wallets, you can rest assured Cherry Optical, Inc will always have your back. We believe in the future of Independent eye care, and we are here to support those that support us in all ways we can.

“What’s New Monthly” July Newsletter 2016

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What's New July-01What's New July-02
WNM – July Newsletter

This Month’s Issue of What’s New Monthly Topics:

  • Closed Monday, July 4th
  • NEW! BluTech Lenses inPolycarbonate
  • NEW! Crossbows Optical Lens Designs
  • FREE! ZEISS Trial Program
  • Electronic Ordering – Get Your OrdersStarted Faster
  • NEW! Cherry Optical, Inc Expands Truly Unlimited Warranty Policy
  • Top Topics from AssureAbility, Inc

Have a topic you’d like us to review? Contact Adam Cherry here!