2017 August

What’s New Questionnaire (WNQ) – August 2017 Answer Key

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Congratulations to:

Kay Grunwald – Peninsula Vision Care (WI)
Alicia Rasp – Main Street Optical (MA)
Lori Petroski – Peter Christiansen Health Center (WI)

Take a peek at the answer key below and let us know if you have any questions.

The network we share is a great place to inform others and grow our own knowledge base. If you happen to hear a question at your office that you think would benefit other practices, please contact us with your suggestions using the link below. Thank you for being a part of our team.

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What’s New Questionnaire (WNQ) – August 2017

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Step right up and try your luck on our latest Quiz!

Click here for What’s New Questionnaire – August 2017

Once completed, please fax back to (920) 569-2309 as it MUST BE RETURNED BEFORE NOON on WEDNESDAY, August 23rd

All perfect scores will be entered into a drawing for a $50 gift card. We will announce three lucky winners by Thursday. Thank you for your time and good luck!

This Questionnaire is intended for current Cherry Optical, Inc customers.

We’re Hiring!

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We're Hiring on ZipRecruiter

Cherry Optical, Inc has a fun-filled family atmosphere. We value our employees and want to make sure they enjoy coming to work every day. We are a constantly growing leader in the wholesale optical industry, and take pride in building and maintaining a highly motivated team of employees.
If you are excited to keep busy all day and take pride in a job well done, we have a position for you!
View Available Careers Here.
Available positions on ZipRecruiter can be accessed at any time via the “Careers” link in the footer of our website.


Something Great is Headed from Italy to Cherry Optical, Inc!

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On its way from Italy to Green Bay, we are upgrading one of our Mei 641s with automated loading/unloading.

We are currently running one manual and one automated Mei 641. Check out our new video highlighting the benefits of these machines and get ready for improved turn-around times.


Mei lens milling is a revolutionary technology that will forever change the way lenses are cut to be assembled into eyeglass frames.  With Mei, we now utilize a series of different milling cutters to perfectly shape and bevel the lens edge and surfaces versus the old technology of grinding a lens to shape

  • The Mei machines receive the data from the LMS via the barcode on the job-tray.
    • A skilled finish laboratory Optician has already “programmed” the job with the correct bevel type and position.
  • A quick rough cut gets the lens close to the final shape.
  • A “tracing step”  measures the exact lens curvature and thickness. Then the machine uses those readings programs where to put the finished edge process.
  • Depending upon the type of job and material, the Mei machine will move the lens to the appropriate tool for processing.
    • Hide-a-bevel
    • Groove
    • Drill
    • Polishing
    • Pin-Bevel
  • Upon completion of the cutting steps, nearly 100% of lenses are ready to be directly assembled into the eyeglass frame.

Cherry Optical, Inc Announces Essilor’s “Ultimate Offer”

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Cherry Optical, Inc announces the Essilor “Ultimate Offer” enrollment portal is LIVE!  Here is the link to MyIDDLabs.com portal. We’re encouraging you to enroll in the offer as soon as possible to take full advantage of the promotion for yourselves and your patients. The promotional period is Sept 12 to Dec 31, 2017.
Get the latest on the Ultimate Lens Package by Essilor here.
*You are eligible for the Ultimate Offer the day following enrollment (starting 9/12). Both Qualifying and Bonus Pairs must be for the same patient, same day, through the same lab.
Please contact your Cherry Optical, Inc Sales Representative or our Customer Service team for more information. (920) 469-2559. Can’t remember your Unique Essilor ID number? Contact our Premier Brand Consultant, Bill Lee at bill@cherryopticalinc.com or 1(262) 751-1961.

“What’s New Monthly” August 2017

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WNM – August 2017 Newsletter

This What’s New Monthly Topics

  • Here’s one for you: Athleisure Eyewear
  • Leave Polycarbonate for the Strip Mall Opticals
  • August 21st – Eclipse Eye Safety
  • NEW! Eyezen+ 0; Promotion Continues – May through August 31st
  • NEW! IOT Camber Steady
  • NEW! IOT Camber Mobile
  • Crizal Prevencia – Seeing is Believing
  • Croakies – Available Through Cherry Optical, Inc
  • Transitions 7 in Ultra-Thin 1.74 Index Material
  • Looking for an Alternative – SEIKO Superior
     Have a topic you’d like us to review? Contact Adam Cherry here!