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You Should Be!

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Are you communicating with your patients via text? 
Study: Millennials Would Rather Text Than Talk; found the reasons behind the popularity of texting.
     1. 76% liked texting more than talking because it was more convenient and fit with their schedules better
     2. 75% of millennials find text alerts and notifications helpful in finding deals and remembering appointments
     3. 63% believe texting is less disruptive to everyday life than voice calls
     4. 53% prefer texting to calling, and so many as 19% said that they never check voicemail
Despite these findings, only 30% of millennials are hearing from businesses through text messages. 

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Quality and Service Delivered Daily Pt. 2

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The Anti-Reflective (AR) treatment process is a system of procedure control steps ensure the highest-quality coatings.
Cherry Optical, Inc has been recognized for efficiency and adherence to the procedure; our on-site AR facility produces treatments that perform flawlessly over the lifetime of the product. This video will highlight the steps a lens goes through at our AR facility. From arrival to the laboratory, where lenses are organized based upon coating type and priority, to the back side scratch resistant coating and completion of the proprietary AR technology. See how it all comes together, to eliminate reflection and glare on both sides of the lens.
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“What’s New Monthly” November 2017

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WNM – November 2017 Newsletter

This What’s New Monthly Topics

  • Cherry Optical, Inc Visit’s STATE Optical
  • NEW:  No Tricks, Just a Treat! – Cherry Optical, Inc Improves Multi-Pair Discount Program
  • WNU 2018 – Saturday, March 10th
  • AssureAbility, Inc – Making Sense of the Managed Care Maze
  • Quick Questions to Promote Multi-Pair Sales
  • Varilux X Series & ULP Service Levels
  • PPG Trivex & PPG Tribrid – Performance Lens Material
  •  Have a topic you’d like us to review? Contact Adam Cherry here!