Quality and Service Delivered Daily Pt. 2

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The Anti-Reflective (AR) treatment process is a system of procedure control steps ensure the highest-quality coatings.
Cherry Optical, Inc has been recognized for efficiency and adherence to the procedure; our on-site AR facility produces treatments that perform flawlessly over the lifetime of the product. This video will highlight the steps a lens goes through at our AR facility. From arrival to the laboratory, where lenses are organized based upon coating type and priority, to the back side scratch resistant coating and completion of the proprietary AR technology. See how it all comes together, to eliminate reflection and glare on both sides of the lens.
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“What’s New Monthly” November 2017

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WNM – November 2017 Newsletter

This What’s New Monthly Topics

  • Cherry Optical, Inc Visit’s STATE Optical
  • NEW:  No Tricks, Just a Treat! – Cherry Optical, Inc Improves Multi-Pair Discount Program
  • WNU 2018 – Saturday, March 10th
  • AssureAbility, Inc – Making Sense of the Managed Care Maze
  • Quick Questions to Promote Multi-Pair Sales
  • Varilux X Series & ULP Service Levels
  • PPG Trivex & PPG Tribrid – Performance Lens Material
  •  Have a topic you’d like us to review? Contact Adam Cherry here!

Pause’s 15th Birthday!

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We’re happy to announce that our mascot, Pause, is celebrating her 15th birthday today. Thanks for making work a happier place with games of fetch, belly rubs and secretly (or not so secretly) begging for treats. We love you, Pause!

Take a peek at some of the pictures we were able to gather!


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Introducing: Joann Capossela – Without Further Ado; Get Jazzed!

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Name: Joann Capossela
Title: Sales Consultant
Years with Cherry Optical, Inc: 1 Year
Job-Related Certifications: NY State Licensed Optician

What do you do for Cherry Optical, Inc?

Outside sales consulting, optical staff training, territory management, liaison between account and laboratory.

Why is the position the right fit for you? What do you like most about your job?

Having over 25 years of experience in many facets of the optical field, I bring knowledge from all sides of the business; including retail and wholesale sales, ophthalmic dispensing, laboratory experience, and my time as an assistant buyer for a large optical chain. I feel this background allows me to give the expert advice and training to my accounts.

I work as if it’s my business. I’m able to make my schedule which works best for my area. I love growing my territory, and Cherry Optical, Inc gives me the confidence to know I am offering my accounts the best quality work, industry-leading warranties, and fantastic customer service!

What celebrity or historical figure wears or has worn glasses best?

Aside from Santa Claus? Johnny Depp and Samuel L. Jackson always wear excellent eyewear.

 https://i.pinimg.com/736x/07/50/50/075050fe1553142bb9818987b70025e2--mens-glasses-tortoise-shell.jpg https://www.nbc.com/the-tonight-show/content/sites/nbcutsjf/files/styles/bit_stacked_resized/public/images/2015/02/05/samuel-l.-jackson2.jpg?itok=aq7_CnpN

What does it take to be a successful employee at Cherry Optical, Inc?

Being proactive. In my case, ensuring that I go out and call on accounts every single day. I’m always trying to schedule my follow-ups before leaving the office. Eventually, we will get an opportunity to prove that we are head and shoulders above the rest.
Provide the best customer service and follow-up when you say you will. These two things will lead to success!

What do you find most satisfying about your job?

That I know, I am representing the best lab in the industry and given the confidence to decide the best way to run my territory,

What makes Cherry Optical, Inc different from other optical laboratories?

Cherry Optical, Inc is reliable. We thrive on consistency, superior quality, fantastic customer service, and industry-leading warranties.

What is your biggest challenge in as a Sales Representative?

Of course, in my area- (NYC metro and Long Island) it’s the competition. There is constantly a flow of lab reps trying to get my accounts’ business.

In your opinion, what is the secret behind Cherry Optical, Inc.’s success?

Their generosity.

What area of optical technology excites you the most?

I do love all the new high-tech lab equipment, but the automated machines are amazing.

What music are you embarrassed to like?

Straight ahead Jazz. (Editor’s note: You’re in good company at the lab, Joann. There are a good handful of us who are loud and proud about our support of Jazz!)

Star spotlight- You work with lots of amazing people. Tell us about them.

I love to have fun and laugh – everyone at Cherry Optical, Inc has a great sense of humor. It’s the best atmosphere to work in!

What is a frame line you love?

There are so many to love; I lean towards i-Green, Anne et Valentin, SALT, Etnia… I could go on and on.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

An artist.

What do enjoy doing in your spare time?

I dig family movie or game nights and golfing.

What is your weapon of choice for the impending zombie apocalypse?

I’ve heard zombies hate bad breath – that would be my weapon since I eat a lot of garlic.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received?

You have no control over of people, places, and things—the only control you have is how you react to it.

Favorite movie/TV show & why?

My favorite TV series is Some Like it Hot starring Jack Lemmon, Tony Curtis, and Marilyn Monroe. That show is hilarious and was way ahead of its time.

We’re Hiring!

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Cherry Optical, Inc has a fun-filled family atmosphere. We value our employees and want to make sure they enjoy coming to work every day. We are a constantly growing leader in the wholesale optical industry, and take pride in building and maintaining a highly motivated team of employees.
If you are excited to keep busy all day and take pride in a job well done, we have a position for you!
View Available Careers Here.
Available positions on Indeed can be accessed at any time via the “Careers” link in the footer of our website.


And Then There Were Three – We Are Leaping With Excitement!

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The contents of this box are being installed this week. Can you guess what it is?

We are currently running two additional models of this Schneider Optical machine. It arrived from Germany and should fully up and running by mid-week. Check out the new video below highlighting the machines in the new arrival’s destined area of production and get ready for even quicker turn-around times!

Digital Surface – Part 1 – The “Front End” of Digital Surfacing.  This video will show the first few steps used in the digital and freeform surfacing of optical lenses

  • After removing the semi-finished lenses from their packaging, the lenses are queued to be processed by the automated lens taper.
    • The taper applies a mildly adhesive 1-sided tape to the lens.  This tape protects the front surface of the lens from heat and physical damage as the lens goes through the digital surfacing steps.
  • Taped lenses are ready to be blocked utilizing our SCHNEIDER and Optotech alloy blockers.
    • Surface blockers apply a block piece (chuck/handle) to the lens at the proper alignment and angle needed to ensure axis and prism alignment.
    • Lenses are blocked by selecting the correct block piece and blocking ring (based on the front curvature and final diameter of the lens being produced).
    • The lens is then positioned correctly before being lightly clamped into position.  
    • A special metal alloy that melts at a very low temperature and can repeatedly be melted and rehardened is introduced to fill the cavity between the front surface of the lens and the block piece created by the blocking ring.
    • The metal hardens to a point that it can be removed from the surface blocking machine within 20 seconds.
    • Blocked lenses then “chill” for 40 minutes to ensure all heat has dissipated and metal alloy has fully hardened.
  • Blocked lenses are now ready to go through the digital and freeform surfacing generators – better described as lathes.
    • The SCHNEIDER generators gather and calculate the proper processing information by scanning the barcode on the tray and communicating with the LMS (lab management software). 
    • Freeform lens orders receive a custom-calculated height-map file (topography) that was created by the lens designers property software. This height-map is the freeform design.
    • Automation of loading into the generator ensures maximum machine efficiency and processing time.
    • The first step is to mill the lens to its final diameter and within 0.5 mm of its final thicknesses.  An aggressive 12-bit milling tool, spinning at 35,000 rpm achieves this result in 10-15 seconds.
    • The lens then moves down to an extremely precise lathing processes that utilizes SCHNEIDER’s patented RS-TEC motor to control the cutting path of a natural diamond tipped tool.
    •  As the lens spins at 300 to 3500 rpms, the diamond tipped tool is moving from outside-to-inside of the lens, moving in-and-out to create the complex topography illustrated by the lens design file
    • Every 1-2 minutes, a digital or freeform lens is completed and returned to the job tray.

If you read all of this, you deserve to know that it’s SCHNEIDER’s HSC modulo XT – Generator. You can expect more of our premium quality with the capability to provide our highest throughput yet. 🙂

Learn More About Essilor’s “Ultimate Offer” During Their Webinar(s)

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Register for a webinar to learn more about the New Essilor Products and the Ultimate Offer. The webinars will be this Friday 9/8 at two times: 8:00 AM and 11:30 AM CDT.
Register Here!

Cherry Optical, Inc announces the Essilor “Ultimate Offer” enrollment portal is LIVE!  Here is the link to MyIDDLabs.com portal. We’re encouraging you to enroll in the offer as soon as possible to take full advantage of the promotion for yourselves and your patients. The promotional period is Sept 12 to Dec 31, 2017.

Read & Print the latest on the Ultimate Lens Package by Essilor here.

*You are eligible for the Ultimate Offer the day following enrollment (starting 9/12). Both Qualifying and Bonus Pairs must be for the same patient, same day, from the same lab.

Please contact any of the following with questions:

Quality & Service Delivered Daily Pt. 1

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Inventory combined with technology is our foundation. Service and skilled optical laboratory professionals are the difference. Licensed Opticians abound at Cherry Optical, Inc. Our customer service team is extremely knowledgeable and able to pair the perfect freeform design with your patients’ needs.

Lenses cannot be produced until the orders are received and the materials are procured. This video will highlight the steps an order goes through prior to materials being ordered, the huge inventory of lenses at our disposal (Global Optics, Inc) and how it all comes together to get orders rolling into production.

“What’s New Monthly” September 2017

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WNM – September 2017 Newsletter

This What’s New Monthly Topics

  • Join Cherry Optical Pickers – Win Prizes!
  • Frame Cases
  • Frame Names on Orders
  • NEW! Varilux X Series On-Site!
  • A Look Inside Cherry Optical, Inc
  • Renovations at the Laboratory
  • Speaking of Renovations – Surface Laboratory Expansion
  • WNU 2018 – Not too Early to Save the Date
  • 3D Printing of Optical Lenses
  • Truly Unlimited Warranty Policy
  •  Have a topic you’d like us to review? Contact Adam Cherry here!