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I just got my new sunglasses! Brian hit right on the head, LOVE – LOVE them. I kinda put them on a tight schedule as I was heading on vacation and you know I thought a new pair of sunglasses would be great, and they delivered!! Not to my surprise. Thank you, I will think of you as I’m sitting on the beach sporting my new eyewear. 😉

Jeannie Luokkala

Meyer Family Vision - Ishpeming

LOVE, LOVE, my new glasses. My headaches even cut down majorly!


iWare Northeast

Customer service is fantastic!!!! I love the quality of my lenses and quantity of lens choices! Your staff is extremely knowledgeable and helpful! Thank you, Cherry Optical, Inc!!!!


Main Street Optical

Thank you SO much for my new Varilux X Series lenses!!! They are great! I am noticing that the intermediate is much wider! Everyone at Cherry Optical, Inc. is Awesome!! Keep up the great work!


Main Street Optical

I am loving my new Polarized Autograph III lenses. Cherry Optical, Inc is the BEST LAB around! Excellent Customer service and turn around time. Thank you for all of your Great work!!

Shelly Hennell

My office has been using Cherry Optical, Inc for about a month now. I am exceedingly impressed with the level of service we have received (quality, turn time, etc.). Their package prices for kids are amazing as well and have easily cut my lab bill in half.


Kids Specs

I just got my new Varilux X Series lenses in Trivex with Prevencia AR yesterday. I didn’t think I would ever like anything better than the Physio W3+, but I absolutely love these lenses! The vision is crisp and clear for me, especially for computer distance. It’s true, I don’t need to bring my chin up as much! Thank you so much, Cherry Optical, Inc for the great experience!

Marilyn Maske

Thank you so much. I love my new lenses.


Julie Oechsner

Schlaefer Optometrists

Absolutely the best in all respects. Kudos for updating a custom vintage frame shape and giving me my first Transitions Brown experience. The staff is so supportive (and understanding!!) regarding any of my unique requests. I also get wonderful feedback on the lenses I dispense. Thank you for understanding how my mind works (and sometimes fails). We laugh together!

Barbara Kretzer

Downtown Optical

One of the absolute BEST labs I have ever worked with! The staff is thorough and extremely knowledgeable. The service is outstanding! Their work and craftsmanship are phenomenal. I get orders on time for my patients. Plus they are very impressed with the end product as well. Thank you, Cherry Optical for your fantastic work!

Linda Jones

My lenses arrived fast and were perfect! I love my EyeZen +1 lenses. I know the little add is helping to reduce eye strain and helps me out tremendously on my phone and computer. All around a superb experience from Cherry Optical, Inc!

Amanda Rew

I tried the new Varilux X progressive. I love it! Great product! Really feel that I have a wide range view of sight!

Sara Barbknecht

I tried the Varilux Physio W3+ with Transitions Gray and I love it! The vision is extremely crisp. The turn around time and customer service from Cherry Optical, Inc is exceptional! Whenever we have a question or problem, they are our technical information go-to! Thank you!

Dara Degnan

I feel that I can ALWAYS count on Cherry Optical, Inc. Starting with customer service and turn-around time, to the product availability and quality; I give the lab A+ from the beginning to the end. I have mentioned to my customers that I have full faith in the lab we are using across the board. Of course, I do check all my work when it comes in, and I do let patients know that, but I do also mention that I would feel confident enough to give the glasses straight to the patient without double checking the work.
I have patients that ask what lab we use, and I tell them “Cherry Optical, Inc in Green Bay, WI.” I usually get a funny look when I share the lab’s location because we have so many local lab options. Typically, the patient is confused about why we would send it to all the way to Green Bay instead to one of the labs in the area. I’m honest with them and let them know that Cherry Optical, Inc’s quality, turn-around time, and knowledge is the best I have ever come across in all the years I have been in the optical field. Keep in mind, I even worked at one of our local laboratories for 12 years, and in my opinion, Cherry Optical, Inc STILL ROCKS!!!!!!! I appreciate being on the other side of the industry as an optician knowing that I can ALWAYS count on Cherry Optical, Inc. 🙂 Thank You for all your hard work!!!

Nissa Franke

St. Cloud Opticians

Customer service is fantastic, always willing to go the extra mile, turn around time great!

Jean Luokkala

Meyer Family Vision

Peggy, Joe, & Adam
I just wanted to send out a HUGE thank you for the training as well as the DVD that you had given me for my ABO Certification test. I took the test in November and Passed!! 🙂 I couldn’t have done it without all of you!
Thank you for the support and Happy New Year!

Angela Swartz

Northern Waters Ophthalmology

I have had glasses since I was a kid (I am now middle-aged) and the clearest vision I have experienced is with the lenses that are ordered from Cherry Optical. They have a very fast turnaround time and very impressive quality!!! Everyone should give them a try, they won’t be disappointed!

Shelly Schroeder

Insight Eye Care, O

Cherry Optical, Inc is always helping Optometry offices be the best we can be. They give our staff tours & explain how the entire order process is done, continuing education meetings, coming to the office to update us on new products and always giving us top notch service!

Laurie Kleveno

Insight Eye Care

I have had glasses made by Cherry Optical, Inc for several years and always extremely happy with my vision with them. They are always willing to make sure that you are happy and no issues seeing out of them. Their customer service is great. Thank you, Cherry Optical, Inc, again for wonderful care!

Linda Steinert

Insight Eye Care

The Cherry Optical Team is nothing but AWESOME!!! No lab will match them!

Tammy Niemuth

Visioncare Associates