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Aiming for Fun & Education at the WOA Convention

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Preparing for a tradeshow can be a lot of work. Sometimes, the logistics and planning involved can be cumbersome, however this is not the case at Cherry Optical, Inc. We usually start with reviewing what we have done in the past and building off of our successes. Where we’re concerned, no idea is off-limits.

The aformentioned mentality ultimately brings about a certain amount of humor and good natured fun. In this case, we bought NERF guns to allow convention attendees to gain hands on experience with one of our featured products, Clemit’s ScopeAid. As some of you may have already seen on our Facebook Page, during our “product testing” things got heated pretty quickly. Although there are still varying opinions on who is the best shot, it has been sucessfully determined that ScopeAid does indeed fit any scope – including NERF guns.

Be sure to swing by the Cherry Optical, Inc booth for your opportunity to play while learning about ScopeAid. Don’t worry, we created targets for you to aim at. It just seemed safer that way. 😉

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Schedule Your Lunch and Learn with Peggy Today!

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INTRODUCING:  Peggy Wisler                                                                              

  •  Sales Representative
  • Years with Cherry Optical, Inc: 4
  • Job-Related Certifications: ABOC

 What do you do for Cherry Optical, Inc?

I call on new and existing customers every day. During my visits, we discuss the features and benefits of new lens products. The fact that Cherry Optical, Inc is an Independent laboratory, which is dedicated to using the latest technology/tools we are able to provide our Eye Care Professional the very best products available for their patients.

 Why is the position the right fit for you? – And/Or – What do you like most about your job?

I thoroughly enjoy meeting and working with our customers. Our customers are intelligent, they love their role as an Eye Care Professional and are committed to providing each of their patients the very best vision care.

My favorite part of my job is when a customer calls me with a question about a difficult prescription. So often we brainstorm together and are able to create the perfect combination of lens design, lens material and treatments that solve a patient’s vision problem.

What celebrity or historical figure wears or has worn glasses best?

John Lennon

What do you find most satisfying about your job?

One of the most satisfying things I get to do is a Lunch and Learn presentation with the entire team (Doctors and Staff Members) in their office. Everyone enjoys lunch while learning about new products and technologies Cherry Optical, Inc has available for them to utilize. The feedback, personal experiences and questions from each and every person involved are invaluable. We learn so much from each other and I have been given the opportunity to build outstanding professional relationships that I feel very fortunate to be part of.

Already a current customer of Peggy’s? Please contact her directly at (920) 634-4814 to learn about discussion topics and to schedule your Lunch and Learn today. New customers are encouraged to reach out to Customer Service today to find out which of our Sales Representatives can best serve your location. Call us today! (800) 469-4211.

What are the biggest challenges in your position?

Snow, below zero temperatures and then more snow. 🙂 My territory is definitely part of the frozen tundra!

In your opinion, what is the secret behind Cherry Optical, Inc.’s success?

The owners. It stems from the tone they set and the mentality to value each other and our customers with the same level of respect.

Random kindness for a coworker goes a long way. Has anyone ever done anything super awesome for you or a co-worker at work?

I had been working at Cherry Optical, Inc for only six months when I was asked by a Lutheran Church Organization to join them on a 3-week Mission trip to Malawi, Africa. Joe and Adam never hesitated about allowing me the extensive time period away from work in order to make the trip. They also supported my decision to go 100%. Joe even insisted that I leave him a copy of my passport and any information I had about whom we were with and itinerary of where we would be just in case I ran into any complications. He joked that he and his buddies would come to our rescue with guns loaded!

Joe stayed in touch whenever possible with light-hearted news from my Cherry Optical, Inc Family and much-appreciated words of encouragement by e-mail during my entire trip. I will never forget one specific day after many days of no access to the internet. I e-mailed Joe and tried to describe to him my surroundings in a village so he could share my news with everyone… I told him about my surroundings; I was sitting on the stoop of a hut made of straw and mud surrounded by chickens and a goat that we had to chase away from the outhouse in order to use it. There were half-dressed children running free all over the place. He e-mailed back saying, “I think you all took a wrong turn and are in Kentucky!” Joe is proud of his hometown and never misses a beat to put a smile on someone’s face.

Mentors- who has guided you in this industry?

Charles Bohman OD, an excellent Optometrist that I worked with for many years. He also taught part-time at the College of Optometry at Ohio State University. He enjoyed teaching and sharing his experiences from the classroom and in his private practice.

What is a frame line you love?

Morel’s Koali, Lightec and OGA

What inspires you?

Hard working individuals with a purpose and the integrity to achieve for others.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received?

Knowledge and education are power no one can take from you, but it is the most powerful when shared.

What’s New Questionnaire- September Answer Key & Winners

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What’s New Survey-Questionnaire September 2015 Answer Key

Thank you to everyone who participated in September’s Questionnaire! We’re still seeing an increase in entries and are overwhelmed by your participation. This time around we had a couple tricky ones, but resources such as our blog and facebook page may have helped you to find the necessary information.  Be sure to keep an eye on them! Also, don’t forget, you can find the correct answers on the link above.

If you happen to hear a question at the office that you think would benefit other practices, please contact us with your suggestions using the link below. The network we share is a great place to inform others and grow our own knowledge base. Thank you for being a part of our team.

Contact Us Today!

Congratulations go out to:

Kelly Henneberry – Family Vision Center
Mary Witte – Family Vision Center
Lois Beth- Eye & Vision Clinic

(Your gift cards are on their way out!)

September’s What’s New Questionnaire

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What’s New Survey-Questionnaire September 2015

Test Your Knowledge and Get Rewarded – Read the Questions Carefully!

Please take the time to fill out the following information and answer a few short questions. All perfect scores will be entered into a drawing for a $50 gift card. Three names will be drawn every month. Feel free to photocopy this sheet (the link in red above) for each staff member that would like to participate. You only have 48hours to fax this back! Once complete, please fax back to (920) 569-2309 as it MUST BE RETURNED BEFORE NOON on WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 16th.

This Questionnaire is intended for current Cherry Optical, Inc customers. Thank you for your time and good luck!

Ever hear the saying “everything old is new again”?

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While reading a trade magazine recently, I came across an edger that will put engravings on lenses. While the technology is new, the concept is dated. I was doing this over 25 years ago “the old way”. I would draw out the design, engrave a tin plate, and then engrave it onto the lens. Any design you could imagine followed this same process. The best, or should I say most difficult, design I was asked to create was from a dog breeder who wanted two dogs on his lens. I’m sure you can imagine the rest.

Though I haven’t had a request for engraved lenses in years, who knows, maybe they are making a comeback. Bell bottom pants, as they were called in my day are now called flares; it’s just like the re-introduction of wearing big zyl frames.

– Lynn Cherry








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Tinting at Cherry Optical, Inc – Pt. 3

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With so many options available in our tinting department, here are the basics that will get you through adding a tint to your order. With any tint, we need to have the color, density and style information provided. Color can be entered as the number on our Cherry Optical, Inc Tint Chart or description (see our previous post for the chart). We also very commonly match samples provided by the patient or your office.

We decipher density with a number or percentage of tint absorption. Grey 1, being very light, Grey 2 being medium (not light and not dark), and Grey 3 being sunglass or darkest tint available. Percentages on the order are as follows. Grey 10% being a fashion color or light color can also be referred to as a wash tint. Grey 50% would be medium and Grey 80% and higher would be darkest possible.

The style of the tint order is described as solid, gradient, double gradient, triple gradient and blackout. A solid tint is where the entire lens has a color of the same density. Solid Grey 1, would be a light grey over the entire lens, top to bottom. Gradient tints are darkest at the top and fade to the bottom of the lens, which would be light. Double Gradient would be the dark color on the top fading down to a lighter color that is different than the top color, (two colors). Triple Gradient would be a specialty tint, which usually consists of a blue top, purple middle, and pink bottom, all the same density. A blackout lens is where someone would like one of his or her lenses totally blacked out so no light will transmit through the lens.

Questions? Contact Customer Service! (920) 469-2559


“What’s New Monthly” September 2015 Newsletter

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Click the following link in Red to Download a Printable Interactive PDF of “What’s New Monthly”: 

What’s New Monthly September 2015

This Month’s Issue of What’s New Monthly Topics:

* Cherry Optical, Inc – CLOSED September, 7th in Honor of Labor Day
* A Cosmetically Better Alternative – Chemistrie Blue
* Cherry Optical, Inc – Crizal Rebate Program
* Zeiss i.Profiler – Set the New Standard of Vision Correction
* Digital Lenticularization – Making the Possible, Possible
* Croakies – The Essential Sunglass and Sportswear Accessory
* Signet Armorlite’s Kodak Freeform Technology – On-Site Production
* Let’s Get Together – Cherry Optical, Inc @ WOA Fall Convention
* NEW! Cherry Optical, Inc Raptor Lenses – Designed by Hunters for Hunters