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“Insert Catchy Blue Light Pun Here: ____________”

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There is absolutely no doubt that blue light is the buzz of the optical lens industry in 2016.  There are now bountiful solutions available to protect your patient’s eyes from nearly all forms of blue light.  In true “Cherry Optical, Inc” fashion, we’ve amassed them all and are ready produce virtually every combination of blue light blocking and reflecting lens technology to our leading Independent eye care customers.  We call all of these technologies combined; Blue Filter Technology™ (BFT™). Let’s start off with a quick review of the three different solutions available:

Clear Protection – you don’t even know it’s there:

Clear Protection refers to lens materials that provide a solid base-level blue light protection without any residual color or reflection.  Currently available materials include plastic (B50), polycarbonate (BLY), 1.60 (B60), 1.67 (B67) and 1.74 (B74).  Trivex  (B53) is s now available as of February 7th, 2017! Within these materials, there is an expansive variety of designs available including single vision, freeform single vision and freeform progressives.  If the blue light craze continues, we believe that ultimately all lenses will simply come standard with this base level protection automatically.

Hued Protection – you can see it:

Hued protection refers to lens materials that provide an increased level of blue light protection over Clear Protection but have residual color in the lens material.  Currently, available materials include all Transitions, mid-index BluTech Indoor (H56/BLT) and polycarbonate BluTech Indoor (BLY/BLT).  We all are infinitely aware of how Transitions work, but the revelation of their inherent blue light protection is new.  BluTech Indoor has been the material that has received the highest reviews from patients that feel they absolutely have issues with blue light and are comfortable with the materials residual color.

Reflection Protection – says it all:

Reflection Protection refers to the myriad of coatings available that reflect part of the blue light spectrum; not allowing it to pass through the lens and into the wearer’s eyes.  They provide good blue light protection.  These coatings are in the family of anti-reflective treatments, but since they do reflect some light they are kind of unique birds.  Currently, available treatments include Crizal PrevenciaHoya Recharge, and Cherry Approved Blue.  These coatings can be applied to every lens imaginable.  Combining Reflection Protection with Clear Protection increases the blue light protection of both.


Image Source: Zeiss

There are, of course, additional options for blue light protection including sun lens and old-school tints that all serve a purpose.  But, when it comes to all-day protection, Clear, Hued and Reflection Protection Blue Filter Technologies are going to make up the majority.

Contact Cherry Optical, Inc’s amazing Customer Service team at 920-469-2559 or your knowledgeable Cherry Optical, Inc Sales Representative for more information, including availability and pricing.

*Updated February 7th, 2017 regarding Trivex SBF.

What’s New Questionnaire (WNQ) – August Answer Key

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Congratulations to:

Carmen Lang – Eye Clinic of Wisconsin
Bonnie Reinhard – Door County Eye Associates
David Dufeck – Eye & Vision Clinics, S.C.

The network we share is a great place to inform others and grow our own knowledge base. If you happen to hear a question at your office that you think would benefit other practices, please contact us with your suggestions using the link below. Thank you for being a part of our team.

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What’s New Questionnaire (WNQ) – August

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Our August WNQ is here and ready for you to complete!

Click here for August’s WNQ!

Once completed, please fax back to (920) 569-2309 as it MUST BE RETURNED BEFORE NOON on WEDNESDAY, August 17th.

All perfect scores will be entered into a drawing for a $50 gift card. We will announce three lucky winners on Wednesday!

Thank you for your time and good luck!

This Questionnaire is intended for current Cherry Optical, Inc customers.

Back to School Insanity – Here’s How to Stay Sane

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You’ve been there, whether as the child or the parent. You remember these lists, and they only get more complicated when more than one age group is involved.

School Supply List – Here’s the Mindset

  • 5 Blue Pens – Easy! Right next to the pencils which are next on my list.
  • 10 Pencils – Sharpened!? Can’t they see I have enough to do?
  • Colored Pencils & Crayons – Maybe I’ll try one of those adult coloring books… They’re supposed to help me relax. Wait, no. Focus, we’re not here for me today.
  • Looseleaf Paper – College Ruled or Otherwise?
  • 5 Notebooks – You know the drill. ^^^
  • Ruler – Metal? Plastic? 12″? 6″?
  • Erasers – For the end of the pencil or that big pink one?
  • Glue Stick – Goes on purple, dries clear. What!? That’s amazing.
  • Protractor – Is that the half-moon or the pointy thing?
  • Compass – Not the kind that points north. Oh wait, this is the pointy thing!
  • 3 Ring Binders – 1 1/2 inch – Not 1″ or 2″. Great, those are sold out.
  • 2 Pocket Folder – Thank goodness, this one is easy and cheap!
  • TI-85 Calculator – You want how much for that!?
  • New Backpack – For every kid!? Now I’m broke.

For when you’re losing your mind – here’s a cute and relatable video!

Advice for Eye Care Professionals

As an Eye Care Professional, it can be difficult to attract your patients during an already hectic season. You’re going to need to think outside of the box and promote a range of items beyond kids frames. Think about it – it’s the parent that does the shopping, and you’re not going to want to leave them out!

Combining a BOGO for kids and parents could work for your office. Additionally, building partnerships with local shops that are offering school supplies or apparel will help you spread the word about your fantastic deals. Remember, it’s a two-way street so make it a mutually beneficial proposal! Advertising on social media, by word of mouth and direct mail, are your best bets.

We have compiled a list of promotions and activities you can do on-site. Please keep in mind, these are only suggestions; we encourage you to mold these ideas to suit your office’s needs and personality.

  • Raffle off a free backpack stuffed with the school supplies as mentioned above. Include a runner-up prize and offer a lunch bag full of snacks like dried apples, Veggie Straws, Alpha-bits cereal or Fruit by the Foot.
  • Have an area, frame boards included, with bright colors, kid-friendly brands, and themes. Make their space evident from the moment they walk in. Add optical illusion books, and bring in someone to do face painting or caricatures! Fill opaque containers with anything you can think of, make them stick their hands in and guess what the contents are. Tie this back to the idea of teaching them what a gift sight is. It’s also not a bad idea to have juice boxes and goldfish crackers available because it’s always easier to wait when you have a snack to enjoy.
  • Make up a few different coupons; our suggestions would be discounts on Blutech, EyeZen+ lenses or Prevencia, and a free branded frame. Mix them all up and at the beginning of the appointment and have the patient draw a slip from a jar. That way, if they won the free frame upgrade, they can happily shop the branded frames right away. Effectively saving the parents from the “No, it’s too expensive” talk before it’s necessary.
  • For teens who wear contacts, try offering a free pair of sunglasses with a year’s supply of contact lenses. Of course, you’ll want to select a limited stock of frames for them to choose from, but maybe they’ll win the free branded pair and have a chance to upgrade!
  • Stuff a jar full of erasers for adults to guess the right count and give them a discount on their next frame. This activity gives you the opportunity to spoil the parents and their wallet.
  • Offer children a Free Eye Exam. Use this to reinforce the fact that vision screening in school can miss up to 60% of problems that can be caught by a comprehensive eye exam. Bring it full circle by offering a discount for pre-booking exams for the following BTS season.
  • Lastly, don’t miss this opportunity to talk to parents about Sports Frames either. Just like gym clothes are required for sports, these activities also require a more advanced type of eye protection. August is Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month, use this to your advantage in your bundles and advertisements.
Call our Customer Service team today to learn more about our Kids, Modern and C2 Sports packages. (800) 469-4211. Need a new copy of the price lists? Email us today: customerservice@cherryopticalinc.com or Contact Us Here. Happy back to school season!

Resources for your office:


NEW! Premium Tribrid Lens Material – Available Now at Cherry Optical, Inc

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Cherry Optical, Inc is excited to deliver something truly unique and beneficial to our leading Independent eye care professional customers; Tribrid lens material.

Tribrid is a premium performance lens material that combines excellent optical quality (ABBE 41), lightweight (1.23 g/cm specific gravity), thinness (1.60 index of refraction) and strength (up to 5X more impact resistant than other high index lens materials). Tribrid also blocks 100% of harmful ultra-violet radiation. Tribrid is the perfect lens material for Rxs of +/- 3D to +/- 7D.

PPG Industries is the company that developed Tribrid. PPG is one of the leading global manufacturers of specialty chemical products used in the production of optical lenses. In the optical industry, PPG contributed with developing CR-39, the first commercially successful plastic lens material, launched Trivex material and manufactures photochromic dyes used for Transitions lenses. With the develop of Tribrid, PPG has now delivered the first optical material that balances performance, thinness, and optical quality perfectly.

Cherry Optical, Inc believes that Tribrid will be an outstanding option for Independent eye care professionals that are looking to differentiate their material offerings and protect their price integrity. Utilizing premium Trivex lens material for low Rxs, Tribrid for mid-range Rxs and 1.67-1.74 for high Rxs will ensure you are offering the highest tech and top performing lens materials available. The commoditization of plastic and polycarbonate lens material is real. By providing only high tech lens material, you can deliver the performance, and optical quality patients want. Tribrid isn’t about simply being different; it’s about providing a never-before-available level of performance.

Tribrid_LogoTribrid is available in an extremely wide variety of digital freeform single vision and progressive designs. With our on-site AR production, we can apply top performance AR treatments to Tribrid. Contact Customer Service at 920-469-2559 or check out RxWizard for full availability. Tribrid is currently available in clear only, with Transitions coming later this year. Tribrid is the same price as 1.60 lens material at Cherry Optical, Inc. More information will come. You are encouraged to reach out us to get started with Tribrid today.

©2016 PPG Industries, Inc. All rights reserved. Tribrid is a trademark and Trivex is a registered trademark of PPG Industries Ohio, Inc.

“What’s New Monthly” August Newsletter 2016

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What's New August_Page_1What's New August_Page_2

WNM – August Newsletter

This Month’s Issue of What’s New Monthly Topics:

  • NEW! Premium Tribrid Lens Material

  • FREE! ZEISS Trial Program
  • AssureAbility, Inc – Providing Service and Guidance to Assure Your Success
  • Today kicks off our Eyezen+ Promo
  • Please note, we will be closed in honor of Labor Day on Monday, September 5th, 2016


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