2016 September

WOA Fall Convention – Thank you!

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Plain and simple, we love being part of the WOA’s Conventions. It’s a fantastic way to talk to our current and potential customers face-to-face in a relaxed environment. We’re happy to sponsor both the WOA and WPA in as many ways as we can to support the education that this event provides local ECPs. For those of you who were able to stop by our booth last week, thank you for the enjoyable conversation. If you have any suggestions for the next event, including giveaways, please let us know! We’d love to hear from you.


Day 1  – Dr. Paul Filar of Peninsula Vision Care


Day 2  – Betty Weiland of Griebenow Eyecare


WOA Food Trifecta: Mozz Sticks, Swedish Meatballs and Chicken Fingers. Yummo!


What’s New Questionnaire (WNQ) – September Answer Key

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Congratulations to:

Ali Duncan – Appleton Eye Clinic (WI)
Ian Wright, ABOC, FNAO- Optical Outlook (BWI)
Nancy Tortorello – Main Street Optical (MA)

The network we share is a great place to inform others and grow our own knowledge base. If you happen to hear a question at your office that you think would benefit other practices, please contact us with your suggestions using the link below. Thank you for being a part of our team.

Contact Us Here 

View the Answer Key

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What’s New Questionnaire (WNQ) – September

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whats-new-questionnaire-september-2016You know the drill! Our September WNQ is here and ready for you to complete, don’t hesitate, fill it out now!

Click here for September’s WNQ!

Once completed, please fax back to (920) 569-2309 as it MUST BE RETURNED BEFORE NOON on WEDNESDAY, September 28th.

All perfect scores will be entered into a drawing for a $50 gift card. We will announce three lucky winners on Wednesday!

Thank you for your time and good luck!

This Questionnaire is intended for current Cherry Optical, Inc customers.

The Epitome of Innovative

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We’re proud to accept the honor. Below is an introduction article featured in Optical Lab Products. There’s more to come! Stay tuned.

The Epitome of Innovative

By John Sailer – Editorial Director of First Vision Media Group

We just returned from the Midwest, where we toured the facilities of the wholesale optical lab being honored as this year’s OLP Lab Innovator of the Year. On so many levels, this company epitomizes what it means to be an innovator due to all the unique aspects of its operation.

After starting as a finish-only lab in 1999, just a short time ago in lab years, it installed 100% digital surfacing equipment in 2007, having never had the challenges of running a conventional surfacing lab.

Surprisingly, this lab does not now and has never done managed vision care work. In fact, it has no plans to do so in the future, choosing rather to focus solely on private pay work for the 600 jobs it produces each day.

In a small footprint, using only high-quality equipment from Schneider, MEI, Coburn, A&R and others, the company runs three shifts to get these jobs done.

It was among the first labs to offer PPG’s new Tribrid thin and light lens material that combines excellent optical quality with impact resistance and UV protection.

The current manager began working for his parents when they started this family-owned lab while he was still in high school, and the majority of the company’s employees are under 30 years old.

The company literally fills a football stadium [Lambeau Field] with over one thousand attendees and more than 100 vendors for its regularly scheduled educational sessions, which up until recently were held annually and now take place every other year.

By now you’ve probably guessed that this year’s OLP Lab Innovator of the Year is Cherry Optical, Inc of Green Bay, WI Look for an in-depth report on the company in the next edition of this magazine, but meanwhile, feel free to congratulate founders Joe and Lynn Cherry and their son Adam.


“What’s New Monthly” Newsletter September 2016

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WNM – September Newsletter

This Month’s Issue of What’s New Monthly Topics:

  • Happy Labor Day!
  • Electronic Ordering – Take full advantage of by-pass lane.
  • Join Cherry Optical Pickers – Win Prizes!
  • ScopeAid Season is Upon Us
  • Raptor Lens – Exclusive at Cherry Optical, Inc
  • Think About Your Eyes – 4th Year National Campaign
  • Digital Lenticularization – Making Cosmetically Pleasing Lenses
  • Us? Talking About Lenses? No way!

Have a topic you’d like us to review? Contact Adam Cherry here!

Us? Talking About Lenses? No Way!

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woaCalling all Wisconsinites! Cherry Optical, Inc will be exhibiting in Middleton at the WOA fall convention on September 22nd &
23rd. Visit our team to learn more about our proven, truly unique, and beneficial products and services. We will be featuring the NEW Tribrid lens material, our exclusive Raptor Transition lenses, and a few other individual surprises. You’ll have to stop by to find out what else we’ve conjured up!
At the convention, we’d like to take the opportunity to say hello and share the many applications we developed during the field tests of our Raptor Lenses. We are very confident in our product and look forward to teaching you about its benefits. We’ve also got a few pointers on how to leverage your brand by utilizing Tribrid and we encourage you to get your questions ready!

As a proud sponsor of WOA, we support the event in as many facets as we can. Through advertising, exhibiting, gift bags, afterparty, and band sponsorship, we are getting as involved as possible to ensure you won’t want to miss out on this event! This year we’re bringing along, even more, team members to ensure we’re supporting those who support us. Our good friend Ken Leonhard of Quality Contact Lens will also be joining us to update attendees on the latest-and-greatest in the contact lens world. As you can see, Adam (and the rest of our team) had a lot of fun last year! We all look forward to seeing you at our booth in a few short weeks.

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