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Elevated Surfacing Levels – Get to Know Kimberly, One of Our Newest Surfacing Technicians

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I, Kimberly, have worked in optical production, specifically surfacing, for just over three years. Four months ago, I was lucky enough to land an interview at Cherry Optical, Inc. Walking through the lab was something of a dream. I’d worked in two optical labs prior, one in Minnesota and another in Wisconsin, and at the time I thought I’d already seen everything there was to see in optical surfacing. Boy, was I wrong! I was completely awe struck. The combination of technology and skilled craftsmanship here is astounding. We have managed to eliminate significant amounts of potential human error using technology and have streamlined the surface process to near perfection.

In the four short months since I began my career at Cherry, we’ve added an automated laser and an automated blocker. An automated blocker! This machine allows us to automate a messy and tedious task so that my teammates and I can focus on more intensive jobs. My three previous years of experience in optical was mostly centered around blocking. Now we have a machine that does that job for us. What does this mean to me personally? That’s easy! Not only is our company continually expanding, so are my skills and knowledge of the field. I’m excited to see where we’ll be in just another few short months. Not to mention, we have another two major tech upgrades on their way. I thoroughly enjoy learning about all of the machines that help me do my job. I certainly look forward to growing and advancing with Cherry Optical, Inc for many years to come!

SCHNEIDER Automated Laser

SCHNEIDER Automated Blocker






What’s New Questionnaire (WNQ) – July 2017 Answer Key

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Congratulations to:

Na-dine Kramer of West Bend Optical
Brandi Minor of Dr. Shelly Baker’s Office
Wendy Carlson of U.P. Ophthalmology

Take a peek at the answer key below and let us know if you have any questions.

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What’s New Questionnaire (WNQ) – July 2017

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Test your knowledge and reap the rewards!

*Update – Please note there is a typo on Question #3! Now it’s a freebie! Get the other 6 questions right and earn your chance at $50. Good Luck!

3) Transpose the following prescription: +2.25 +1.75 x 085.
The typo correct answer is “+4.00 -1.75 x 175.”
A.) +2.25 -1.75 x 085
B.) -4.00 +1.75 x 175
C.) +4.00 +1.75 x 175
D.) -2.25 +1.75 x 085

Click here for What’s New Questionnaire – July 2017

Once completed, please fax back to (920) 569-2309 as it MUST BE RETURNED BEFORE NOON on WEDNESDAY, July 26th

All perfect scores will be entered into a drawing for a $50 gift card. We will announce three lucky winners by Thursday. Thank you for your time and good luck!

This Questionnaire is intended for current Cherry Optical, Inc customers.

NEW! Eyezen+ 0 Design Available July 11, 2017

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NEW! Eyezen™+ 0 Design FAQs

What is the new Eyezen+ 0 design?

The current Eyezen+ designs provide accommodative relief in the bottom of each lens to help defend against digital eye strain. The accommodative support increases with each design (1, 2 or 3) and each is recommended based on the patient’s age (18 to 50 years old). The Eyezen+ 0 design will be recommended for patients under age 18. Similar to the Eyezen+ 1, 2, and 3 designs, the Eyezen+ 0 design will be digitally surfaced and optimized to a patient’s Rx to provide outstanding distance vision. However, the Eyezen+ 0 design does not contain accommodative relief.  For Eyezen+ 0, eye strain relief will be provided by the Smart Blue Filter™ feature’s ability to decrease exposure to Harmful Blue Light by at least 20%.

Are ECPs limited to using the Eyezen+ 0 design with patients under age 18?

As with the other Eyezen+ designs, ECPs are free to use their discretion in recommending the designs. The Eyezen+ age recommendation for each design is based on established research of the accommodative system.

Will the Eyezen+ 0 design require a fitting height like the other Eyezen+ designs?

Yes. Optimal performance with aspheric single vision lenses like Eyezen+ lenses requires a fitting height. Fitting measurements for all Eyezen+ designs will remain the same.

Is the Eyezen+ 0 design launching in all distribution channels?

No. The 0 design will only be available on Eyezen+ lenses, which is exclusive to the independent ECP.

What will the Eyezen+ 0 design cost?

Eyezen+ 0 lenses are priced the same as the rest of the Eyezen+ family. Please reach out to your Sales Representative or our Customer Service team with any questions.

“What’s New Monthly” April-July 2017

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WNM – April through July 2017 Newsletter

This What’s New Monthly Topics:

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