2018 January

The 2018 Courses for What’s New University Are Up and Running!

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Please visit whatsnew.university to learn more about the event, view itinerary and courses, register for classes and book accommodations.

Registration Instructions:

All of the courses are listed online in the Quick Look Reference Sheet, and in an inline table. To view a more detailed description of a course, click on the individual course in the table. A new page will open which includes a course summary, presenter, CE approvals, and the duration of the course.

Of note, there are five 2-hour courses available, please ensure you do not register for overlapping classes. Additionally, courses that are listed as “Pending” will be updated upon news from the presenter.

Ready to register? Use the following link to get started and fill out the form on the bottom of the Courses & Registration Page. Once submitted an email will auto-generate with a list of your courses. (Please note, we will no longer accept faxed in Registration forms.) If you have questions about how to register, please reach out to your Sales Rep or contact our Customer Service Team at (920) 469-2559.

Earn a Free Hotel Stay & a $50 Gift Card for Your Travel Expenses:

Get started today! All you have to do is order the qualifying amount of Eyezen+ enhanced single vision lenses from Cherry Optical, Inc you’ll be rewarded

Download your promotional flyer here!

*This event is sponsored by an unrestricted educational grant by Cherry Optical, Inc.

Cherry Optical, Inc Takes Home Top Prize(s) at Essilor National Sales Meeting

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January 10, 2018

Wow!  What a year 2017 was for Cherry Optical, Inc!  I’m flying back yesterday from the Essilor National Sales meeting in Austin, Texas with Bill Lee; smiling.  If you know Bill, you know a smile is effortless when you are in his company.  But, I’m smiling from a lot more than Bill’s constant humor.  I’m smiling as I’m thinking about the amazing job all “my people” at Cherry Optical, Inc did in 2017.

“The Award for Essilor Independent Distributor Division Very Important Person of 2017 goes to; Bill Lee, Cherry Optical, Inc!”

“The Varilux Award of Excellence for 2017 goes to; Cherry Optical, Inc!”

“The Essilor Independent Distributor Division Laboratory of the Year 2017 is; Cherry Optical, Inc!”

How humbling.  How satisfying.  Talk about pride!  There’s something special about these awards and accolades that goes way beyond the physical honor.  Knowing how much work, change, and improvement our employees put in to strive to be the best optical laboratory we can; it makes these times of honor extremely gratifying.  Constant improvement comes with a constant challenge.  For every 1,000 great jobs we do, we find ourselves focusing on eliminating the one mistake.  But this is the path we’ve set for ourselves; the path everyone here wants to be a part of; the path of success.

It’s gratifying to know we are achieving success in a way that many find nearly impossible to believe.  We compete directly with, and in the backyard of, “the giants” of our industry.  We compete lens-to-lens with laboratory companies that are 20, 50 and even 500 times our size!  We compete without VSP or EyeMed contract business.  Not only do we compete; we win!  We win with our people, our attention to detail, our innovation, our technology utilization and our amazing Independent eye care professional customers.

I don’t make the lenses at Cherry Optical, Inc.  Heck, I hardly even sell lenses anymore.  I make sure my people have everything they need to succeed and that they hear the voice of our customers’ clearly.  It’s everyone at Cherry Optical, Inc and everyone that supports us that makes these honors possible.  It is with intense pride that I accept these awards with, and on behalf of, the outstanding employees and customers of Cherry Optical, Inc.



Adam Cherry


  • 2017       Varilux Award of Excellence
  • 2017       IDD Laboratory of the Year
  • 2017       IDD VIP
  • 2016       Varilux Award of Excellence
  • 2015       Varilux Award of Excellence
  • 2012       IDD Laboratory of the Year
  • 2010       IDD Laboratory of the Year

Quality and Service Delivered Daily Pt. 3

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The “Front End” of Digital Surfacing: This video will show the first few steps used in the digital and freeform surfacing of optical lenses.
Cherry Optical, Inc began 100% digital surfacing over 10 years ago, which allows us to manufacture lenses at a much higher degree of precision. Through digital surfacing, Cherry Optical, Inc can produce numerous freeform lens designs. As early adopters of freeform technology and digital surfacing equipment, Cherry’s experience is unique – nearly 100% of our progressive lenses are freeform designs.

Lenses processed on-site include Carl Zeiss Vision, Crossbows, IOT, Hoya, Seiko, Shamir, Shaw Vision, Signet Armorlite – Kodak, Essilor, and Varilux Designs.


Catch up on the “Quality and Service Delivered Daily Series”. Videos included review our customer service, massive inventory, and take you on a tour through processes happening at our on-site AR Facility.
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