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Elevated Surfacing Levels – Get to Know Kimberly, One of Our Newest Surfacing Technicians

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I, Kimberly, have worked in optical production, specifically surfacing, for just over three years. Four months ago, I was lucky enough to land an interview at Cherry Optical, Inc. Walking through the lab was something of a dream. I’d worked in two optical labs prior, one in Minnesota and another in Wisconsin, and at the time I thought I’d already seen everything there was to see in optical surfacing. Boy, was I wrong! I was completely awe struck. The combination of technology and skilled craftsmanship here is astounding. We have managed to eliminate significant amounts of potential human error using technology and have streamlined the surface process to near perfection.

In the four short months since I began my career at Cherry, we’ve added an automated laser and an automated blocker. An automated blocker! This machine allows us to automate a messy and tedious task so that my teammates and I can focus on more intensive jobs. My three previous years of experience in optical was mostly centered around blocking. Now we have a machine that does that job for us. What does this mean to me personally? That’s easy! Not only is our company continually expanding, so are my skills and knowledge of the field. I’m excited to see where we’ll be in just another few short months. Not to mention, we have another two major tech upgrades on their way. I thoroughly enjoy learning about all of the machines that help me do my job. I certainly look forward to growing and advancing with Cherry Optical, Inc for many years to come!

SCHNEIDER Automated Laser

SCHNEIDER Automated Blocker






Learn How Michelle Helps Opticians Succeed

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Michelle Pepin – Sales Representative

  • 1 ½ years with Cherry Optical Inc.
  • NH Registered Optician
  • NAO Certified (National Academy of Opticianry)

Why is the position the right fit for you?

It is an exciting opportunity to represent one of the finest laboratories in the industry that offers superior quality and service. Every day I am challenged to find new customers and educate them on products that will best serve their business and more importantly their patients.

What is your biggest challenge as a Sales Representative?

The Optical Industry is changing. With the large “box stores” and on-line sales, it is more important than ever to maintain a constant contact with our customers and continue the education process. The average “Joe on the street” may think that ordering lenses online for little money is the way to go, but do they understand that it may not be what is best for them? It is my job to get the Opticians and Optometrist, to realize that the benefit of using the better technology that we provide, will always outweigh the low cost of providing “the cheapest” option.

What makes Cherry Optical, Inc different than other laboratories?

Cherry Optical, Inc is different because of their exceptional quality and their very high standards. Their work is precise, and they pay attention to every detail. I have not seen another lab with this level of expertise.

What is the most satisfying part of your job?

I have the opportunity to meet many amazing people who are truly interested in listening about new opportunities. Teaching them about digital or freeform progressives, talking about Blue Light and how to present it to their patients. When they tell me “you have made me a better optician” I feel like I have done my job and it is very satisfying.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

Growing up, I wanted to be a Nurse. I have always enjoyed caring for people. I still help patients now; the only difference is that I do it through servicing my customers with the materials and designs to meet their patients’ needs.

What do you like to do with your spare time?

When not working, I relish spending time with my family, working out at the gym, cooking and learning the game of golf.

What inspires you?

Perseverance inspires me. Despite difficulties or obstacles, I am always challenged to move forward and reach the goals I set for myself.

“Joe Knows” March Madness Tournament Challenge Winners

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Thank you to all who participated in the “Joe Knows” March Madness Basketball Challenge!

We appreciate your patience both waiting for the rankings and the lunches! We had a lot of brackets to score this year. This year Joe finished out the season with 53 points. Joe’s total points weren’t quite as high as last year, but the competition was tough. Our first and second place winners nearly doubled his score!

Congratulations to both locations!
1st Place:
William Bourgeois, OD- The office won free lunch and a $100 gift card.
2nd Place:
Tower Clock Eye Center – West Mason – The office won a free lunch and a $50 gift card.


The following locations had a least one entry who beat Joe and will be receiving one free lunch for the office to be scheduled with your Sales Rep. Congratulations to you all!

*Final Four Logo & Bracket are the property of the NCAA.

“Joe Knows” March Madness Tournament Challenge

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Click Here for Your Bracket!

Cherry Optical, Inc’s 2017 “Joe Knows” NCAA Bracket – The One You’ve Been Waiting For!

“Joe Knows” Kentucky basketball. Do you know more than Joe? Entry is FREE and Cherry Optical, Inc is handing out prizes to boot!

Joe Cherry was born and raised in Kentucky. When it comes to sports in Kentucky, there are only two; the University of Kentucky Basketball and the Kentucky Derby. Since it’s March, we’re talking basketball, and Joe knows Kentucky is going to win the NCAA National Championship. The question comes down to – Do you know more than Joe? Think you can beat Joe? Think you can beat everyone? Check our Facebook Page to view Joe’s Bracket. It will be posted no later than Thursday 3/16!

All brackets that beat Joe will receive a FREE lunch for you and your coworkers! 
1st Place Bracket receives lunch + $100 Gift Card
2nd Place Bracket receives lunch + $50 Gift Card


The rules are pretty simple:
• 1 Bracket per Employee, please use the link below to get yours.
• You can have your family and friends help you, but sorry, they can’t submit a bracket.
• Multiple Brackets per location are allowed and encouraged.
Brackets must be submitted by Thursday, March 16th at 10 AM.
Submit to fax #: 920-569-2309

And that’s, that! Have fun. Now let’s see what Joe knows. Brackets are open, get your picks in now!
Click here for a printable bracket.


*Final Four Logo & Bracket are the property of the NCAA.

The Correlation Between Lunch and Productivity

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It’s the day after the big election. You know, unless you’ve been living under a rock, the thing that happens every four years?! Work was buzzing with shock, amazement, and disbelief by some, and happiness and relief by others. It was almost lunchtime, and we were surprised to find out we were being treated to Happy Joe’s Pizza for lunch!!! (Thanks, Adam!!)

Of interest, however, on this same day, we had an ‘unofficial’ record of jobs shipped (not including end of month numbers). What is my point you ask? I have a theory. When provided with food or rewards, production increases, morale gets a boost, and it’s a win-win for everyone. (Hint, hint! Haha!!) Truthfully, one of the greatest things about working for Cherry Optical, Inc is feeling appreciated for the work we do. It is not only shown in the way we are regarded by management but also in the way we respect one another.  – Bobbie

Case of the Mondays

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Those days. The Mondays. Perhaps even Tuesdays or Wednesdays, surely, not Fridays, but hey, sometimes! We can’t always be sure when stress from our personal lives or our work environment will affect our workday. These moods do not always stem from outside interference; sometimes the source is work itself. A shift full of frustration with a task or project can not only impede performance, but it also affects our relationships with our co-workers. Attitude is everything; it can make or break a day, and that’s why it is good to realize and assess the emotions you are feeling and turn them around internally. As cliché as it may sound, our emotions carry weight and vibration, and there is truth behind the belief that everything is energy. The energy you share affects others.

Observing Groups In & Out of the Workplace

I’ve noticed that in groups, people either act on positive or negative energies as a whole. This observation is not merely some form of mysticism but is based on various forms of psychology, sociology, and science. People will either be drawn in or repelled by this energy. A positive accomplishment can lift the general outlook of the entire group and create a pay-it-forward type of mentality. The positivity of the group will, therefore, support the team as a whole including its ideas, accomplishments, and growth. On the other side of the spectrum; a negative attitude also spreads, but in most cases, it’s more like an infection from one group to another. Eventually, the negative reactions and thoughts overwhelm the positives. This breakdown, in turn, destroys and isolates the infected individuals within the collective group.

Negative energy in the workplace can have an effect not only on yourself but that of the morale, camaraderie, and productivity of the workplace. If you think about it, the workweek makes up a large percentage of our time. Therefore, why not try to create an environment in which positive energy is in a perpetual motion allowing it to come back to you?

Keep-Calm-And-Focus-OnKeep Calm

Often we tend to carry our troubles with us, and as difficult as it is to leave them at the door, we need to learn to let go. These people we’re surrounded by are not only our co-workers but our friends, and they come with their anxieties and joys. It’s simply toxic to dwell on fears and problems that we cannot deal with at the time. The task of turning it around can be as simple as distracting yourself from yourself. Besides, you should be focusing on your work, right? 😉

Zen Out

I center myself by letting these negative thoughts pass through my conscious mind and taking a few deep cleansing breaths. It’s like taking a glass of water from the river. At first, it may be swirling and diluted but given a little time it will settle, and you will find clarity. If that doesn’t work compliment a fellow co-worker. Heck, give a high five! Laugh a little; this will instantly change the energy as it will be tangible. And laughter is the best medicine, right?

Lastly, try to put it into focus by concentrating on something good. Treat yourself, be kind to yourself and in turn, you will thank yourself. Set personal and group goals, work towards a vacation or buy something thoughtful for someone. Not only will you be happier, but it will perpetuate a reciprocal positive work environment. Find a way to find your Zen.

Peace and prosperity to you! – Dave P.



Customer Relationships + R&D = Great Things

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Dr. Marilyn Brenne Heinke (center) was named Optometrist of the Year at the Wisconsin Optometric Association convention on Sept. 26. Also pictured are daughter Brenda Heinke Montecalvo OD, left. Back row, left to right: son-in-law Bill Klein, daughter-in-law Cari Heinke, son Jim Heinke, daughter Char Heinke and son Jim Heinke. - Photo courtesy Wisconsin Optometric Association, Source:

Dr. Marilyn Brenne Heinke (center) was named Optometrist of the Year at the Wisconsin Optometric Association convention on Sept. 26. Also pictured are daughter Brenda Heinke Montecalvo OD, left. Back row, left to right: son-in-law Bill Klein, daughter-in-law Cari Heinke, son Jim Heinke, daughter Char Heinke and son Jim Heinke. – Photo courtesy Wisconsin Optometric Association

Using a recipe from the 80’s, Cherry Optical, Inc produces vision therapy lorgnettes used for today’s patients. Without the collaboration of our customer Dr. Marilyn Brenne Heinke, OD and Joe Cherry, Cherry Optical, Inc wouldn’t have the proper color formulas and combinations for these lorgnettes.

Dr. Heinke’s experience in vision therapy and Joe’s insistent need to fulfill not only the eye care professional’s needs, but the patient’s as well, are what created these unique products. Through their trial and error, they created revolutionary optics for those suffering from a wide range of ailments. From treating strabismus to stroke victims, concussions to traumatic brain injury, visual therapy can help patients regain normal functions. Instead of passively waiting for health to return, vision therapy can not only better the patient’s vision, but their quality of life.

Vision therapy is a group of “training exercises” which focus on the muscles that aren’t working and what areas of the brain aren’t triggering. Visual therapy reroutes the signals and helps restore the brain’s passageways. It’s thanks to Dr. Marilyn Heinke and Joe Cherry that these lorgnetteCherry-7146s are available for other practices today.

Dr. Heidi Johnson, OD, FCOVD, whom we manufactured this set for, has immersed herself in this field and works with her team to produce high levels of patient success using these products. Interested in learning more about Vision Therapy?  Visit Superior Eye Health Center’s website here: to find out more about their processes.




The Feeling We Create At Cherry Optical, Inc

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If you’ve been reading our other posts, you know by now that Cherry Optical, Inc is family owned. However, I want to re-emphasize how this relates to the caring the atmosphere in our workplace is; it’s my favorite part of our small business. Everyone is family – loving, ridiculing, supportive family. They thought they were pretty clever when they made my “new desk” when we no-sweats.jpgwere under construction (see “photographic evidence”). Honestly, though, no matter what is happening in my personal life, I can count on coming to work and knowing that I’ll always have a group of people who support me.  Our workplace offers great people, free soda (for my caffeine needs), there’s always food and of course, Adam’s dog, Pause.  Cherry-9379It’s also especially nice to have Sirius XM radio streaming throughout the day because they offer such variety of music to satisfy everyone’s taste.  Cherry Optical, Inc knows how to make their employees feel at home… Except for the no sweatpants rule. Ha! I can’t complain, since we’re not open to the public, we have the privilege to wear our street clothes.

Over the last four years, I can’t believe of all the progress this company has made.  First, the anti-reflective coating center and adding a night shift for faster turn time for our customers, then an expansion and new machinery, the list goes on.  I’m grateful to work for a company that strives for growth. I feel comfortable sharing my opinions, asking questions and suggesting improvements. I feel honored to be a part of this family owned business which has come so far in the last few years, only to keep finding ways to fulfill our customers’ needs and expectations of an optical laboratory.  In my opinion, Adam has succeeded in creating a work environment that welcomes ideas and fun while operating an efficient production line.

To read more about the environment we create at Cherry Optical, Inc check out the following employee interviews:

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