Name: Adam Cherry

Title: President

Years with Cherry Optical: 12.

Job-Related Certifications: ABO (American Board of Opticianry) Certified

What is your current role in the company? I am involved in all aspects of business operations. This includes marketing, sales, hiring and researching different technologies, equipment and products. I am very accessible and work alongside our employees in all of the tasks we do.

What are the biggest challenges in your position? The biggest challenge is keeping my employees happy, healthy and motivated. I don’t ever want to get so buried in day-to-day tasks that I forget to say “Hello,” “Thank you,” and reward employees for the hard work they do.

What area of optical technology excites you the most? I enjoy being able to balance functionality with fashion in the eyewear. We consider what we create to be jewelry or artwork.

What inspires you? It’s inspiring to see where my parents came from, what they made for themselves, and the opportunity they then gave us all. and all of Cherry’s employees.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received? My father once told me, “The day you get up and you don’t want to go to work is the first day you need to start looking for a new job.”

What is the secret behind Cherry Optical’s success? Respect, accountability, education – I think you can sum all of that up with integrity. When you’re a privately-owned business, all you have is your reputation.

What do you do in your spare time? I enjoy golfing, fishing, snowmobiling, and a good cribbage match.

What music are you embarrassed to like? Michael McDonald – need I say more?

What celebrity or historical figure wears or has worn glasses best? Benjamin Franklin